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The Impossibility of Intergenerational Worship during Pandemic

This essay will likely not age well, and added to that, writing it actually breaks my heart. However, I’m convinced that it is important in this moment, as our nation begins to emerge from six weeks of varying degrees of lockdown, to consider what our re-gathered worship will look like. In essence, how will worshipContinue reading “The Impossibility of Intergenerational Worship during Pandemic”

Waiting and Waiting

“What are you waiting for?” We are all waiting for something. How many times have we asked, or been asked that question–“What are you waiting for?” the start of school…career…an acceptance letter…a grade…romance…marriage…a pregnancy…health…validation…death…justice…reconciliation… Life is a series of waits. When I was growing up, my mom rotated through about ten wise sayings, and weContinue reading “Waiting and Waiting”

6 Secrets of this Blog

Its goal is a little pretentious This is a place where I want to offer nuanced instruction and perspectives on church ministry for staff and volunteers. New children’s Sunday school teachers and pastors juggling 2-point charges can read what I have to say and come away, if not informed, at least inspired to carry on.Continue reading “6 Secrets of this Blog”